Portal Wallet (ckb.pw) is a web-based CKB wallet developed by Lay2. It works by generating a CKB address which ‘ports’ to an Ethereum address in MetaMask so that CKB can be used throughout the web. This is because MetaMask does not have support for CKB addresses, but by using the underlying interoperability features of Nervos, Portal Wallet is able to map an Ethereum address to a CKB address and allow MetaMask to be used with Nervos to secure your assets.

To make an account on Portal Wallet, simply log in to Portal Wallet (ckb.pw) using MetaMask.

To transfer CKB to Portal Wallet, first click your address in the top left corner (shown below).

You should be presented with a screen that has two tabs: One for "ETH Address", and one for "CKB Address". Click on "CKB Address" (shown below). This long CKB address can be used by other wallets and exchanges to send CKB into Portal Wallet (which is secured by MetaMask). Copy this by clicking the copy icon to the right of the address and make sure it is the recipient address from where you are transferring CKB from.

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