Portal Wallet (ckb.pw) is a web-based CKB wallet developed by Lay2. Portal Wallet allows you to use Web3 compatible wallets like MetaMask on Nervos. MetaMask doesn't support Nervos CKB addresses directly, but Portal Wallet can use the underlying interoperability features of Nervos to map the Ethereum address to a CKB address. This allows MetaMask to be used with Nervos to secure your assets.

At this current time, Portal Wallet supports popular hot wallets such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, imToken, Opera, and more.

When you are using Portal Wallet you are operating on Nervos Network, even when you are using an Ethereum address. This means you will not be charged Ethereum gas fees! 

Note: Portal Wallet is not directly developed by Nervos Network.

Portal Wallet (ckb.pw) Guides: