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The Nervos Network Developer Relations team is here to help!

  • First, join our Discord server!
  • Use the support channel under the 'Web3 World Champs Hackathon' category.
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Staff will be available during the hours below.
Feel free to post your questions at any time and receive help from others!

Note: all staff will have the 'Developer Relations' role in their profiles! (shown below)
We will never ask for your personal information, seed phrase, or DM you first!

Staff Hours: 

🌟 Daniel | Senior Software Engineer

Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday: 3am-6am (PDT)

Find Daniel on Discord (danielkmak#9505)

🌟 Kylee | Tech Community Manager

Hours: Tuesday & Thursday: 9am-12pm (PDT)

Find Kylee on Discord (kyleecodes#4765)

🌟 Anubha | Events & Education

Hours: Tuesday & Thursday: 11:30pm-5:30am (PDT)

Find Anubha on Discord (anubha_maneshwar#6873)

🌟 Eric | Developer Relations

Hours: Saturday & Sunday: 6:00 PM - 8:00PM PDT

Find Eric on Discord (tcmeric#7727)


🌟 Jordan | Senior Software Engineer

Hours: Monday & Friday 12pm-3pm. (PDT)

Find Jordan on Discord (jm9k#2495)