Polyjuice is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible layer that enables the deployment of Ethereum dApps written in Solidity to run on Nervos. Polyjuice is paired with Godwoken, an optimistic rollup solution. The two frameworks are used together to provide a high-performance, 100% EVM compatible layer 2 solution that runs on Nervos Network.

Polyjuice gives users the ability to port their existing Ethereum dApps to run on Nervos with minimal effort. One of the major design goals is being 100% compatible with EVM, meaning:

  • Any Solidity-based smart contract running on Ethereum today should be able to run on Polyjuice.
  • Polyjuice may be able to ship more features that might not be implemented in Ethereum today. If there is an EIP you desperately need that isn't available on Ethereum's mainnet, Polyjuice may be able to implement it faster.

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