Godwoken is an optimistic rollup solution and EVM-compatible smart contract execution environment that runs as a scalable layer 2 network built on top of Nervos' highly secure layer 1 network.

Godwoken aims to be a solution for dApp builders who want the benefits of Ethereum—with its establishment, good tooling, and documentation—but without the drawbacks, such as network congestion, high gas fees, oversaturation, and scalability issues. Developers can continue to use the Solidity smart contract programming language, and bring with them all the tooling they're used to.

For Ethereum devs, Godwoken is the best of both worlds. You can port their dApps to Nervos, expanding their reach & brand awareness in a DeFi development-focused network while also benefiting from instant transaction finality & low fees in an Ethereum-like environment.

With both Godwoken and Force Bridge (Nevos’s cross chain bridge) now available, Ethereum developers can use their existing codebases to begin porting their dApps to Nervos. Thus enabling them to expand their user reach and brand awareness in a burgeoning network focused on DeFi development. Additionally, bridges to ADA and BTC are also on the horizon, with more chains to follow.

Ultimately, Godwoken is a major step in Nervos Network's greater vision for interoperability throughout the blockchain ecosystem via multi-chain solutions.

Godwoken is currently in mainnet beta and providing next-level support for whitelisted projects. To be one of the first to benefit from Godwoken, please fill out the whitelist application here.

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