Nervos Network is a cutting-edge, multi-layer public blockchain network designed to enable multi-chain interoperability while offering a novel solution to the blockchain trilemma of decentralization, scalability, and security.

Nervos Network's foundational layer 1, stores digital assets with the $CKB token and provides arbitration for upper-level layers, all built on a flexible and powerful programming model called the Cell Model, which is a descendant of Bitcoin's UTXO model.

The first layer 2 network is known as Godwoken and was released in 2021. Godwoken features an EVM-compatible execution environment built on top of a highly performant optimistic roll-up solution. This offers developers full EVM support with lower fees and faster transactions while benefiting from the safety and security of Nervos' layer 1 PoW powered blockchain.

Through Nervos Network, blockchain developers can deploy an endless number of future-proof, scalable, and secure decentralized apps with the tools they love, the speed they need, and affordable fees.

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