Force Bridge is a cross-chain interoperability bridge that allows assets like tokens and NFTs to move between Nervos and other connected blockchain ecosystems.

Force Bridge currently has a mainnet support for whitelisted Ethereum ERC20 tokens, with NFTs and support for other chains, such as Cardano, in development.

An example of how Force Bridge moves a token from Ethereum to Nervos: First the token being transferred is locked in a special smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain side, followed by the minting of corresponding sUDT tokens on the Nervos side. The smart contracts are currently managed using a multi-sig wallet that is operated by several well-known companies in the industry. While the process occurs on Layer 1, tokens can also be sent directly to Layer 2 without any extra steps for the end-user. When moving these assets from Ethereum to Nervos Layer 1, a total of 27 confirmations are required, with 12 on Ethereum and 15 on Nervos.

To access the Ethereum Force Bridge, visit

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