Address and Asset values associated with each CKB address are displayed in CKBExplorer.

Live Cells: Live cell refers to an unspent cell in CKB. Read more about the CKB Cell.
Lock Script: A specific script that runs onthe CKB-VM responsible for officializing cell ownership.
Code Hash: A hash denoting which script in the transaction to execute. 
Hash Type: The interpretation of code_hash when looking for script code to run from cell deps. Values are either ‘data’ or ‘type’
Args: auxiliary arguments for creating an instance of the script

Together, the code hash and hash type uniquely identify script code on the CKB-VM.

Under Assets,
Occupied: the amount of CKBytes that you own and are required to maintain the current cell structure (typically ~61 CKBytes. Note: 1 CKByte = 1 byte of data storage)
Nervos DAO Deposit: CKBytes deposited into the Nervos DAO.
Nervos DAO Compensation: Rewards earned from Nervos DAO deposit (compounded upon withdrawal).

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