The Neuron wallet is a desktop CKB wallet developed by Nervina Labs in collaboration with Nervos Network. Neuron runs a CKB node in the background and does a full sync of the Nervos CKB layer 1 blockchain. This full node syncing solution helps secure the Nervos Network by creating more distributed copies of the blockchain, and it also offers the highest security since the wallet is connected directly to the peer-to-peer network, without any trusted intermediaries.

Portal Wallet ( is a web-based CKB wallet developed by Lay2. Portal Wallet allows you to use Web3 compatible wallets like MetaMask on Nervos. MetaMask doesn't support Nervos CKB addresses directly, but Portal Wallet can use the underlying interoperability features of Nervos to map the Ethereum address to a CKB address. This allows MetaMask to be used with Nervos to secure your assets.

When moving CKB between Neuron and Portal Wallet, you must always use CKB addresses, not Ethereum addresses. Even if your CKB is attached to an Ethereum address and wallet, you must still use a CKB address for most operations that are done on Nervos.

To move CKB from Neuron to Portal Wallet, log in to Portal Wallet ( using MetaMask. Next, click your address in the top left corner.

You should be presented with a screen that has two tabs: One for "ETH Address", and one for "CKB Address". Click on "CKB Address". This long CKB address can be used by other wallets and exchanges to send CKB into Portal Wallet (which is secured by MetaMask). Copy it by clicking the copy icon to the right of the address.

You can now paste this long address into the "send to" field of Neuron, or other wallets and exchanges. 

Sending CKB to MetaMask through Portal Wallet is often a necessary step for participating in many DeFi services, such as staking and yield farming on YokaiSwap.

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